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ASH THE SKY is a new band created in early 2012, the concept had been on the table for a year...Michael J Felder(guitars/vocals) created ASH THE SKY -Michael was trying to create a band that was going to write music that wasn't in some "sub category" ,this is starting to become rather boring. you have bands that want and do sound like KSE..and then you have those DJENT bands which copying Meshuggah is out of the question..ASH THE SKY music is original,drawing on musical knowledge,technique and skill to create the BIG sound that this debut album has..using 7 string guitars.Michael has developed into a better player and songwriter using this type of instrument recent reviews ASH THE SKY is being lumped in with some big names in the game,like IN FLAMES,Lamb Of God,Soilwork and others...2012 should end with the full length album from ASH THE SKY..